Wide Web Print Roller Wash & Rinse

  • Will clean rollers up to 3.5m face width and 300mm diameter as standard
  • Fast and easy to operate with touch screen controls
  • Designed to clean the anilox rollers without removing gears or bearings
  • Roller rotation device
  • High Grade Stainless steel Construction
  • Low consumption of cleaning detergents
  • Provide outstanding levels of cleaning and Anilox sealants care
  • Bespoke to individual customer requirements

All our machines can be manufactured specifically for our customers needs. With bespoke design, we can create an ultrasonic tank to fit your needs perfectly.

Available as a 1 or 2 roller in custom sizes with with rinse tank.

Key features

  • Powerful ultrasonics – Provides a fast & easy clean
  • PLC touch screen controls – Easy to operate with clear instructions
  • Frequency sweep circuit – Eliminates ‘hot spots’ in the solution to avoid roller damage
  • 24/7 Heater control – Set the heating to come on whenever you want so the tank is ready when you want
  • Low water level lockout – Stops the machine from overheating when tank is empty to reduce operator error
  • PLC driven fault finding diagnostics – Identifies any problems should they arise
  • Bi-direction roller rotation during wash cycle – Provides an even clean with little input from the operator, prevents roller creeping or staying in one position
  • Powered roller rotation when rising
  • Pump and filtration is standard
  • Auto chemical dosing is standard
  • Multi-lingual instruction facility –  Touch screen instructions & commands in the language of your choice

 Our tanks offer an outstanding clean for anilox rollers without the need to remove gears or bearings and giving a high level of anilox sealant care.


For cleaning laser-engraved ceramic and chrome-plated Anilox rollers and sleeves.
Suitable for water based, solvent based and UV inks and coatings.


All Camsonic models have a 1-year warranty on all parts.

Our wide web machine comes with all options included in the description if you wish to add cleaning chemicals please ask us for more info.

The wide web machine is available in both Manual and Automatic

The auto machine will wash rinse and then dry in one complete cycle

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